BlastskinBlastSkin™ polyurea is a high strength energy absorbing super-polymer designed to deliver extensive elastomeric resiliency when subjected to explosive energy forces. There are three military grade formulations which possess extremely high material tear strengths, exceptional abrasion and superior toughness.

When subjected to an exothermic explosion, the super-polymer’s molecular geometry is pushed to a very high energy state enabling it to absorb the kinetic energy of the blast’s shock wave. It will provide containment of its underlying fractured substrate peventing the debris of shrapenal fragments.

Military testing has demonstrated blast pressure rates in the order of 250 psi/ms performance at 0.25″ thickness. BlastSkin™ super-polymers are available in 3 formulations depending on particular physical property requirements.

All grades- BS1, BS2 and BS3 are used in military protection applications and are normally seen in  conjunction with a particular grade of BallisticSkin™.