Sanco Polymers

A Leading Supplier of High Performance Polymers & Composite Solutions

Our Products

Specialty Foams

Sanco Polymers offers a selection of rigid, closed cell and flexible foams, for commercial and industrial applications. .

Roof Coatings

We offer many solutions to help restore and repair your roof. These coatings are available in single and plural component systems.

Specialty Coatings

Extremely durable and versatile spray-on bedliner and coating system that outperform plastic drop-in liners, paint-like coatings and rubber mats.

Super Polymers

We provide polyurea systems for a wide variety of military, industrial or commercial applications.

Sanco Specialty Adhesives

Sanco Polymers provides adhesives that save you money AND produce a superior finish and color.

Specialty Resins and Gelcoats

Sanco Polymers offers a wide variety of gelcoats and specialty resins for composite manufacturers.

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